Mesut Pervizpour

CEE-345 Geoenvironmental Engineering

Course Description:

This course offers important concepts in the design and construction of waste disposal facilities, and in the closure of existing disposal facilities. The emphasis is placed on the fundamental aspects of soils, soil-water movement, characterization of contaminated site and remediation technology.

Text book:

Geoenvironmental Engineering, Site Remediation, Waste Containment, and Emerging Waste Management Technologies, by H. D. Sharma, and K. R. Reddy, John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2004.

Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill Design and Construction, by X. Qian, R. Koerner, and D. H. Gray, Prentice Hall, 2002.

Location and Hours:
Lecture: T-TH, 10:45 - 12:00 PM, PL 503

TA: Kepha Abong'O,

Office Hours (Steps 4th floor: PM),

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Course Handouts in PDF

Disclaimer: Students are expected to keep their own notes. The handouts highlight the lecture content and are by NO MEANS a complete set. The instructor reserves the right to make changes that may not be reflected in the handouts below, it is the students' responsibility to keep a complete and current set of notes for each lecture.

Class Lectures
1Introduction & Historical Overview of Regulations Lecture 1
2aProperties of MSW
References: MSW Unit Weight
MSW Index Properties
Physical Characterisctics of MSW
MSW Shear Strength
MSW Mechanical Properties
MSW Compressibility
Lecture 2a
Contaminant sources/regulations & Soil Composition
Soil-Water System & Fabric
Electrokinetics intro
Clay Mineralogy Handout (by Raymond)
Lecture 2b
Lecture 2c
EK notes
Clay Min.
3Soil Properties Review Lecture 3a
Lecture 3b
4Geochemistry Inorganic & Organic Contaminants Lecture 4
3/21 Transcript
3/23 Transcript
5Groundwater Flow Lecture 5
6Contaminant Transport and Fate Lecture 6
7Remediation Methods
a. Risk
b. Containment Barriers: Vertical and Bottom Barriers
Permeable Reactive Barriers Air Sparging, bioremediation and other
c. Soil Remediation
Soil Washing
Stabilization and Solidification
Electrokinetic remediation
Bioremediation and other
In Situ Flushing

d. Groundwater Remediation
Pump and Treat

Lecture 7b

Lecture 7c

Lecture 7d
8Geoenvironmental Site Exploration
9Landfill Reulations, Siting and Configurations
10Waste Containment Liner Systems
11Leachate Collection, Removal and Liner Design
12Final Cover Systems