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CEE-341 Ground Improvement

Course Description:

This course covers the mechanisms of soil stabilization by mechanical methods (compaction, explosives, vibroflotation, vibroreplacement), hydraulic methods (groundwater lowering, preloading, electro-osmosis), physical/chemical methods (admixtures, grouting, freezing), and inclusions (geosynthetics, reinforcements). Prerequisite: Undergraduate soil mechanics course.

Text book: Lecture notes and course handouts

Ground Improvement, 2nd Edition, Moseley & Kirsch
Ground Control and Improvement, Xanthakos et. al.
Grouting, Theory and Practice, Nonveiller
The Deep Mixing Method, Principle, Design & Construction
Sinkholes and Subsidence, Waltham et. al.
Building on Sinkholes, Sowers

Location and Hours: W 6:00 - 8:45 PM

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