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CEE-323/428 Environmental Groundwater Hydrology

Course Description:

The study of subsurface water, its environment, distribution, and movement. Included are flow patterns, well hydraulics, and an introduction to the movement of contaminants. Design problems are included to simulate flow with analytical and numerical models, and contaminant migration using analytical models. Prerequisites: TBD or permission of instructor.

Text book: Ground Water Contamination Transport and Remediation, by P. B. Bedient, H. S. Rifai, and C. J. Newell, Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0130138401.

Bioscreen/BioChlor Contaminant Transport Model Documentation
Modflow Finite Difference Groundwater Flow Model (Groundwater Vistas)

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Disclaimer: Students are expected to keep their own notes. The handouts highlight the lecture content and are by NO MEANS a complete set. The instructor reserves the right to make changes that may not be reflected in the handouts below, it is the students' responsibility to keep a complete and current set of notes for each lecture.

Class Lectures
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Lecture Slides
1Intro Notes 1-1 Topic 1 Intro.
Groundwater Hydrology - Confined
Groundwater Hydrology - Unconfined
Notes 2-1
Notes 2-2
3Well Hydraulics Notes 3
4Numerical Modeling Flow and Transport
Appendix - FD Solution to Laplace EQN.
Project 1 Statement
Notes 4 FD Soln.
5Groundwater Contamination Sources and Types
Spill in-class assignment (bring it with you)
NAPL Characterization & Movement

Spill Assign.
Topic 5-1

6Transport of Contaminants in Groundwater Topic 6
7Contaminant Transport Modeling-Petroleum Products Topic 7