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CEE-117 Numerical Methods in CEE

Course Description:

Techniques for computer solution of linear and non-linear simultaneous equations; eigenvalue analysis; finite differences; numerical integration; numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations. Case studies in the various branches of civil engineering. Prerequisites: Math 205.

Text book:
  • Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB: for Engineers & Scientists, by Chapra, (2011), ISBN:0073401102
    Numerical Computing with Matlab, Cleve Moler, SIAM, 2004.
    Numerical Methods for Engineers, Chapra, Canale
    Numerical Methods, Algorithms and Applications, Fausett
    Applied Numerical Methods using Matlab, Fausett
    Applied Numerical Methods using Matlab, Yang, Cao, Chung, Morris

Location and Hours:
Lecture: T-TH 10:45 - 12:00 PM, PA360

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Course Assignments

No.AssignmentDue DateSolution
1HW 11/22/2015 HW1 Soln
2HW 2 1/27/2015 HW2 Soln
3HW 3 ---> 1/29/2015 HW3 Soln
4HW 4 ---> 2/5/2015 HW4 Soln
5HW 52-12-2015 HW5 Soln
6HW 62-17-2015 HW6 Soln
7HW 7 ---> 2-26-2015 HW7 Soln
8HW 8 ---> 3-5-2015 HW8 Soln
9HW 93-19-2015 HW9 Soln
10HW 103-26-2015 HW10 Soln
11HW 114-2-15 HW11 Soln
12HW 124-9-15 HW12 Soln
13HW 134-21-15 HW13 Soln