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CEE-142 Soil Mechanics

Course Description:

Physical properties of soils; mineralogy, composition and fabric. Phase and weight-volume relationships, consistency, gradation and classification of soils. Fluid flow through porous media. Stress-strain behavior; stresses within a soil mass, deformation behavior, measurement of stress-strain properties, shear strength of soil. Volume change in soils; compressibility, pore water pressure, consolidation and settlement. Laboratory experiments to measure physical and mechanical properties of soils. Prerequisites as noted below. Prerequisites: MECH 002 or MECH 003 or CEE 003.

Text book: An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, by R. Holtz, W. Kovacs, and T. Sheahan, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2nd Ed., ISBN# 978-0-13-249634-6

References: Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, 8th Ed., by B.M. Das, K. Sobhan.
Engineering Principles of Soils and Their Measurement, 4th edition, McGraw-Hill, by J. E. Bowles.

Location and Hours:
Make-Up Friday Lectures: (June 4, June 11, July 9th)
Final Exam: August 12th

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Laboratory Material

Sample lab. report (PDF)

1 Water Content , Specific Gravity or Field Trip
2 Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis
3 Consistency Limits
4 Density Analysis Compaction (Std Proctor), and Relative Density
5 Design Lab
6 Constant Head and Falling Head Permeability
Flexible Wall handouts Short, Long, Datasheet
8 Numerical Lab Problem, Examples One, Two, Three, Four, Instructions & Commands
9 Consolidation
Test Data
10 Design Project 2
11 Unconfined Compression Test, and TensionUnconfined Short Procedure
12 Direct Shear Test Description, and Test Data
13 Triaxial Compression Description and Test Data, Graph Paper
14 Project Presentation-Lab Final