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CEE-159 Structural Analysis I

Course Description:

Elastic analysis of statically determinate beams, frames, and trusses; deflections by the methods of virtual work and moment area; influence lines for determinate structures; modeling for structural analysis; flexibility, stiffness, and approximate methods of analysis of indeterminate structures. Prerequisite: CEE 59 or MECH 12.

Text book: Structural Analysis, 11th Ed. by R.C. Hibbeler, Prentice Hall


Location and Hours:
Fritz 232 ZOOM : Link (M-R 8:00-9:35 AM)
Final Exam: Friday August 9th (8:00-11:00 AM)

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Disclaimer: Students are expected to keep their own notes. The handouts highlight the lecture content and are by NO MEANS a complete set. The instructor reserves the right to make changes that may not be reflected in the handouts below, it is the students' responsibility to keep a complete and current set of notes for each lecture.

Class Lectures
1Introduction, Structure Types, Stability & Determinacy
(READ Chapter 1&2)
Min. Design Loads for Buildings ASCE/SEI 7-16 (2017)
International Building Code (IBC) 2021
Full List of Standards
Lecture 1
2Determinate Trusses
(READ Chapter 3)
Lecture 2
3Internal Loadings, Beams/Frames
(READ Chapter 4)
Lecture 3
4Cables and Arches
(READ Chapter 5)
Lecture 4
5Influence Lines (READ Chapter 6)
Recorded Lectures
Lecture 5
6SAP 2000 v.17 Tutorials
Recorded tutorials
7Deflections (READ Chapter 7)
Recorded lectures
Lecture 6
8Energy Methods (READ Chapter 8)
Lecture 7
9Force Methods (READ Chapter 9)
Lecture 8
9Approximate Methods (READ Chapter 10)
Lecture 9