Mesut Pervizpour

CEE-011 Surveying

Course Description:

Theory and practice of basic engineering surveying measurements and analysis. Topics to include field note taking, datums and measurement precision, equipment and techniques for measuring distance, elevation and angles, electronic distance measurement, topographic surveys, GPS and hydrographic surveys. Hands on experience with the use of survey levels, transits/theodolites and a total station will be provided.

Text book: None.

References: Elementary Surveying, An Introduction to Geomatics, 13th Ed. by C.D. Ghilani & P.R. Wolf, Prentice Hall, ISBN# 978-013-255434-3.

Location and Hours: M,W 10:45-12:00 PM, MG Hall 102
(ZOOM: Link),
Field/Lab: F 9:20AM-1:25PM (FR 232)

TA: Huaian Zhang
(Office Hrs: Monday Fritz Rm231 12:10-1:10pm,
Wednesday ATLSS B150 12:30-1:30pm)

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Course Handouts in PDF

Disclaimer: Students are expected to keep their own notes. The handouts highlight the lecture content and are by NO MEANS a complete set. The instructor reserves the right to make changes that may not be reflected in the handouts below, it is the students' responsibility to keep a complete and current set of notes for each lecture.

Class Lectures
No.DescriptionSlidesTake Notes
1Introduction, Units & Sig. Figures, Field Notes, Maps Lecture 1
Allentown 30x60
Easton 7.5 Quad
2Theory of Errors in Observations Lecture 2 Lect2N
3Leveling Lecture 3 Lect3N
4Angle Measurements Lecture 4 Lect4N
5Distance & Angles with Total Station, Trigonometric Leveling Lecture 5 Lect5N