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CEE-347 Foundation Engineering and Design

Course Description:

Application of theories and principles of soil mechanics to geotechnical and structural foundation design. In-situ testing, subsurface exploration and soil sampling. Bearing capacity, settlement, lateral earth pressure principles. Design of shallow foundations: spread footings, beams on elastic foundations, mat foundations. Introduction to retaining walls: mechanically stabilized earth, concrete and sheet pile walls, walls for excavations. Design of deep foundations: single piles, pile foundations, drilled piers and caissons. Prerequisite: CEE 242.

Text book:Principles of Foundation Engineering, Thomson 7th ed., DAS

Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, Das.
Foundation Design, Principles and Practices, Coduto
Foundation Analysis and Design, Bowles
Foundation Engineering Handbook, Fang

Location and Hours: M,W

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Disclaimer: Students are expected to keep their own notes. The handouts highlight the lecture content and are by NO MEANS a complete set. The instructor reserves the right to make changes that may not be reflected in the handouts below, it is the students' responsibility to keep a complete and current set of notes for each lecture.

Class Lectures
1Introduction, Building Codes, Design and Load Requirements Lect 1
2Introduction and Soil Mechanics Review Lect 2
3Site Exploration - Part 1 - Sampling Lect 3
4Site Exploration - Part 2 - Invasive Methods
Inclass Exercise (Handout)
Intro. to NDT- Seismic Methods
Lect 4
Lect 4b
Soil Expl.
5Bearing Pressure Lect 5
6aBearing Capacity Lect 6a
6bBearing Capacity - Special Cases Lect 6b
BC detail
6cBearing Capacity - Intro to LRFD Lect 6c
7Settlement of Shallow Foundations
Approximate Elastic Influence factors for Shallow Foundation
Lect 7
Settlement details
8Structural Design - Shallow Foundation
Part 1a Intro. & Square Footing
Part 1b, Combined loading
Part 2 Continuous & Rectangular Footings
Part 3 Combined Footings & Intro to Mats

9Lateral Earth Pressure & Retaining Walls
1- Wall Types, Lateral Stresses, Rigid Retaining Wall
2- Flexible Ret. Wall - Cantilever
3- Felxible Ret. Wall - Anchored
4- Braced excavation and Slurry Wall
5 - MSE Wall Design


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