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Student Work at Lehigh University

Student News and Achievements Prior to Lehigh

  • Avi Mersky published and presented his research on "Swelling dependent stiffness of hydrogels." at NCUR 2013.

  • Fall 2012, Avi Mersky received Travel Grant to present his research at NCUR 2013.

  • Fall 2012, Avi Mersky's received funding for his research project through Daniel P. O'Neil Memorial Fund.

  • Undergraduate reseach student Michael Erceg accepted for summer research internship program at PEER - Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, and will work with Prof. Kramer at University of Washington

  • Undergraduate research students Ian Mueller(Senior) and Michael Erceg(Junior) qualified in top ten to compete in the national GeoPrediction Competition at Geo-Congress 2012.

  • Undergraduate senior project group qualified and competed at National GeoWall Competition 2012.

  • Congratulations to my undergraduate research students in teaming up and submitting their research for publication and presentation at NCUR-2012: Romano, J.H, and Miller, K., Nondestructive Determination of Small Strain Elastic Properties of Oil-based Clay by Ultrasonic Wave Transmission Methods., Erceg, M., Merskey, A., Harnden, J., Image Processing and Impact Stress Distribution Measurements during Ball Drop Tests for Determination of Dynamic Material Properties of Oil-Based Clays, Erceg, M., Mueller, I., Vibration Induced Densification and Liquefaction Study and Remediation of Granular Soils.

  • President Harris attended our Soil Mechanics Lab during "Student for a Day" while my student Bonnie Zwissler served as the Widener President for a day.

  • Congratulations to my student Bonnie Zwissler for receiving her 2nd DVGI 2011 Scholarship (a scholarship that is usually granted only once). Bonnie Zwissler and Mary Krueger received the top two DVGI 2010 Scholarships.

  • 2010-2011 undergraduate senior project team placed 3rd, and were ranked 6th nationally in the overall competition at Geo-Congress 2011.